What file types can I attach to a DocbookMD message?

DocbookMD messages support attachments. Supported file types are images/photos and PDFs. You’re able to attach up to four items to one DocbookMD message.

To attach a PDF, please visit this page: How to attach a PDF to a DocbookMD message

If you would like to attach a document that is not an image, as a work around, snap a photo of the document with DocbookMD and send the attachment as a photo. The recipient should be able to zoom in on the photo to see the details.

When you go to add an attachment within DocbookMD, we encourage you to choose "Take Photo" as this will allow you to take an image with your mobile device. Choosing this option will not save the image on your mobile device, ensuring you remain HIPAA compliant.

You also have the option to "Choose from Photo Library" but please note that saving ePHI to your mobile device's photo library is not in line with HIPAA compliance.

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