DocbookMD mobile settings (iOS)

The newest update to DocbookMD makes managing your settings much easier.  Click on the links below for more information on each setting option.

Messages is where you can disable messaging and manage the distribution lists that you are a part of.

Notifications allows you to manage how you are alerted when you receive a message.

Auto–Reply allows you to setup an automatic reply to messages that you receive but do not read.

Directory Data allows you to manually refresh the DocbookMD directory information on your device.

Security allows you to strengthen access to your DocbookMD account on your mobile device.

Integrations is where you can allow DocbookMD to access your Sharefile account to add files to your messages.
 If applicable, you can manage your incoming integration(s) with paging services and EMRs here under the 'Control Panel' sub-section.

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